Our goal

Managing the endowment capital generated from the returns to support the Vilnius Jesuit High School and contribute to the school, its scientific foundation, and human resources. In addition -
to finance the professional development of teachers, provide scholarships for students, introduce the latest computer and educational technologies to our school
and encourage public support and initiatives, contributing to the well-being of the Vilnius Jesuit High School.

Our goal

1000000 Eur

Collected: 172000 Eur 1000000 Eur

You can contribute in these amounts:

  • 3 €
  • 7 €
  • 20 €
  • 50 €
  • 100 €

You can also provide an individual contribution payment

one-off and recurring contribution


Contributions can also be made by bank transfer

Account number: LT27 7290 0990 2807 3209
Details: Endowment capital
Beneficiary: Vilniaus jėzuitų gimnazijos paramos fondas (registration number 36001101)

If you would like to donate more than 1500 euros or make a donation through your company, please contact us so that we can sign a donation contract.

We invite you to make a donation in cryptocurrencies as well:

Bitcoin: bc1qfnrczwl0f5p0apylse44ukz0jllcsqxyqna7ra

Etherium: 0x6AA57F693b6BAB51D861219f08f35395beb4de6a

USDT: 0x6AA57F693b6BAB51D861219f08f35395beb4de6a