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This privacy and cookie policy (the Policy) explains how Vilniaus jėzuitų gimnazijos paramos fondas (the Fund, we or us) commit to ensure the security of visitors, benefactors (visitors, or You) personal data and protection of rights when you use and navigate the Fund’s website [www.vjgfondas.lt] (the Website).

The controller of your personal data is the Vilniaus jėzuitų gimnazijos paramos fondas, legal entity code 306001101, registered office address Augustijonų str. 5, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania.

It is very important that you read the Policy carefully, as each time you visit the Website or provide your personal information, you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions described in this Policy. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not visit our Website, use our content and / or services or provide us with your personal information.

The terms used in the policy are as defined in the EU General Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679 (the GDPR).

  • Fund or we - Vilniaus jėzuitų gimnazijos paramos fondas, legal entity code 306001101, registered office address Augustijonų str. 5, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania.
  • You – a natural person at least 14 years old who has visited our website.
  • Website - website [www.vjgfondas.lt].

The Fund collects and processes personal data in accordance with the legal acts of the European Union and the Republic of Lithuania regulating the protection of personal data.

The Fund processes Your personal data on the following grounds:

  • On the basis of consent, which is expressed by your active actions, i.e., contacting us and providing personal data by registering to receive newsletters, by agreeing to the storage of cookies;
  • Concluding, executing, administering, amending contracts or similar documents;
  • The legitimate interests of the Fund and / or third parties (e.g., by administering and ensuring the proper functioning of the Website, ensuring the quality of the activities carried out and the security of the assets managed by the Fund, to prevent infringements, fraud or defend our rights, collection and analysis of statistics, market analysis, etc.);
  • In order to fulfil our obligations under the law.

For the purposes of the administration of the donations received by the Fund, as well as the proper process of providing and managing donations, we process the data of the benefactors as follows: name, surname, e-mail address, other contact details provided to us. When the benefactor is a legal entity, we process its name, legal entity code, as well as the name and contact details of the legal entity's representative.

With the consent of the benefactor, we may disclose the fact of the donation and the personal data of the benefactor (name or legal entity) in our communications on the Website, social networks, media, as well as other communication channels and locations.

The benefactor may withdraw the consent at any time and request anonymity with regard to the donation. This can be done by contacting us at the contacts listed in Chapter XII.


For the purpose of direct marketing, in order to send newsletters, offers and information about the Fund's activities, the Fund processes your following personal data: name, telephone number (if provided), e-mail address, residential address (if provided).

Your personal data may be processed for the purposes of direct marketing in the following ways:

  • You can receive a newsletter containing our and our partners' offers and news by e-mail or SMS;
  • You can receive a request for feedback on our activities, events, initiatives, etc. by e-mail or SMS.

You may opt out of our direct marketing communications at any time. You can do this by clicking on the link at the bottom of the messages we send, informing us by email. by mail vjgfondas@gmail.com or by telephone +370 699 91155

We may work with third parties, such as online advertising developers and ad exchanges when we advertise online, and we may work with third-party analytical service providers to help evaluate and provide us and / or third parties with information about the use of such advertisements on third-party websites, as well as views and other statistics on our ads and content.

Data about your online activities may be collected so that we or third parties can later display content that is relevant to your individual interests (see the Cookie Policy section for more information).

Personal data will be processed for direct marketing purposes for 5 years from the date of receipt of the consent to process the data for this purpose, unless you withdraw the consent earlier.


The Fund processes your personal data when you submit a request and / or complaint to it by e-mail, post or telephone.

The Fund processes your personal data in the following cases:

  • To ensure the quality of its activities in order to administer requests and / or complaints;
  • Based on your consent, which you express by taking active steps to make a request and / or complaint.

The Fund will protect the personal data provided by you in order to administer requests and / or complaints, ensure the quality of its activities to the extent necessary to examine and respond to your request and / or complaint, and in accordance with the legal requirements for such documents, as well as periods of limitation for the purpose of bringing or defending legal claims and, if any, to the extent necessary for that purpose.


The Fund processes the personal data of different categories of data subjects (such as partners, benefactors, counterparties, as well as their employees, representatives and agents). The following data (name, place of work, position, contact information) are collected and processed for the following purposes and on an appropriate basis:

  • Establishing, maintaining and developing cooperation, support or other legal relations with the Fund by the said persons;
  • Concluding, executing, administering transactions, contracts and agreements;
  • Developing and securing the legitimate interests of the Fund;
  • Defending the Fund against legal actions, claims and complaints brought against it;
  • In the performance of the Fund's obligations under applicable legislation.

The Fund shall retain the personal data of such persons to the extent required by the contract, legal relationship or to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes for which they are processed, and in accordance with statutory data retention requirements, if any, to the extent necessary for that purpose.


In the event that you visit our Website, the Fund may process the visitor’s IP address, network and location data when the visitor provides it. Data is collected using cookies and other similar technologies with the consent of users.


What are cookies?

When you visit the Website, we want to provide content and features that are tailored to your needs. This requires cookies - small text files (up to several KB) that your web browser places on your computer, tablet or other smart device when you visit our website. They allow the Website to store data such as:

  • Login data (IP address of the logging-in device, login time, location from which the login is attempted);
  • Browser type;
  • Demographic data (age group, gender, occupational or marital status);
  • Data about the fact how you browse the Website (which sections you visit, what information are you interested in, etc.).

Cookies help us identify you as a previous visitor to a particular website, save your history of your visit to the Website and customize your content accordingly, speed up your website searches, create a user-friendly and optimized website environment, and make it more efficient and reliable. Cookies also help to ensure the smooth operation of the Website, allow you to monitor the duration and frequency of visits to the Website and collect statistical information about the number of visitors to the Website.

By applying information we collect about your actions on the Website with cookies, we may work with analytical service providers to help evaluate and provide us and / or third parties with information about the use of advertisements on third-party websites and reviews of advertisements and our content.

Why do we use cookies?

With cookies we aim to:

  • ensure the efficient and secure operation of the Website; we use cookies to support our security features that help detect and identify instances of misconduct on our Website;
  • ensure the proper operation of all functions of the Website, such as news messaging display, filling in the donation form, etc.;
  • improve the functioning of the Website; by monitoring the use of cookies, we can improve the operation of the Website, use of functionalities, develop existing practices, improve operability;
  • analyse performance when you visit our Website from other websites, other devices or appliances;
  • identify returning visitors to the Website; they help to show relevant information to visitors, to remember their personal settings;
  • analyse your habits so that the operation of the Website is convenient, efficient, meets your needs and expectations, for example, ensuring that you can easily find everything you are looking for;
  • measure the flow of information and data sent to our Website; we use cookies for statistics on the number of users who visit the Website and the use of the services;
  • targeted marketing, advertising; by using cookies, we may collect information to serve ads or content to a specific browser, creating different audiences; we may use cookies to display appropriate advertising both on and off our website.

How are cookies used for advertising purposes?

Advertising cookies and other advertising technology, such as pixels and tags, help us deliver advertising messages more effectively. They also help us provide research and reports to advertisers, understand and improve our practices, and know when content was shown to you.

What cookies do we use?

Each time you visit our Website, long-term cookies may be created that remain on your computer after you log out and will be used when you visit our Website again; they are valid and are not deleted when you stop browsing the Website, and / or short-term (session) type cookies that expire and are deleted when you stop browsing the Website.

All cookies used by us are used only with your prior consent, except for the necessary technical cookies. You can express your consent by clicking on the "I Agree" button in the cookie bar at the bottom of the website page. Before agreeing, you can choose what types of cookies you want to store.

Below we list the cookies used on the Website according to their type, description, moment of creation, data collected and validity period.

Types of cookies

The following types of cookies may be used on our website:

Required technical cookies

These cookies are necessary for the Website in order for you to browse and use the features of the Website, such as memorizing the information entered in the forms during the session, to access secure areas of our Website. Without these cookies, it would be impossible to provide certain services on the Website or it would not work as smoothly as it should. For this reason, it is not possible to refuse the required technical cookies.

Functional cookies

By using these cookies, visitors to the Website may avoid changing the settings each time they visit the Website. These cookies help you remember your preferences and settings (such as languages). Functional cookies also remember the changes you have made, as well as other actions, such as when you leave a comment on the Website (if this is possible). Functional cookies do not track your actions on other websites.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies tell us if you have already visited the Website. These cookies help us track the number of users and the frequency with which they visit. These cookies collect information about your use of the Website and help improve the performance of the Website. For example, analytical cookies can show which pages are most frequently visited, help to record problems on the Website, and so on.

Targeted (advertising) cookies

These cookies allow us to record your visit to our website, the pages you have visited before and the links you have followed. We use this information to provide you with advertising that is relevant to your interests. Advertising – targeted marketing cookies let us know if you've seen our ad and how long it has been since you saw it. We may use third-party cookies to serve you more personalized advertising.

Third-party cookies and plug-ins

Some cookies on the Website are provided by other third parties (such as advertising and analytics service providers). These third parties use their own cookies to analyse how and how many visitors visited the Website, from what other websites they went to the Website, where they moved on, and so on. These companies develop and use policies developed by companies that create and use such cookies and we have no influence on the creation or storage of such cookies. Other third-party cookies and plug-ins - on some pages of the Website, other entities (such as social network operators) may also use their own cookies to tailor their applications or applications to your needs. We collect the information collected and transmitted by these cookies together with their owners as joint controllers during their collection and transmission, but we do not control and are not responsible for how they will process and use your information in the future. Due to the specifics of the operation of cookies, we do not have access to the information transmitted by these cookies, just as other entities do not have access to the information collected by us.

Our website uses the following third-party cookies and / or plug-ins:

  • “Google Analytics” statistic system part, stores the information about the visitor’s visited parts of the website, how many times the visitor visited what parts, the length of the visit, etc.

You can find out how these companies use the information we collect from cookies in their privacy policies or by contacting them directly.

Facebook Pixel

Our Website uses small pieces of JavaScript code that are embedded on all pages of our Website. These pieces of code, called pixels, have several features that help us collect information about clicks on Facebook ads and visitors to the Website, information about the website where the ad was placed and from which the visitor entered the Website. information and IP address and visitor clicks, etc. steps on the Website.

Managing and deleting cookies

When you use a browser to access content we provide, you can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or be notified when a cookie is downloaded. Each browser is different, so if you don't know how to change your cookie settings, check its Help menu. Your device's operating system may contain additional cookie controls.

If you do not want information to be collected through cookies, use a simple procedure available in most browsers that allows you to opt out of the use of cookies: ChromeFirefox; Edge; Safari; Opera.

To learn more about how to manage cookies, visit http://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/ or http://www.youronlinechoices.com/.

Please note that in some cases, deleting your cookies may slow down your internet browsing experience, restrict certain features of the Website or block access to the Website.


The Fund uses certain service providers (data processors) to process your personal data.

Such data controllers are: data processing service providers, data center service companies, Internet browsing or internet activity analysis and service companies, software development, provisioning, support and development companies, accounting services companies, information technology infrastructure service companies, communication, security, call service companies and other service providers to whom your personal data is disclosed only to the extent necessary for the provision of their services.

If there is a sufficient legal basis (for example, when it is necessary for the conclusion or performance of a contract with you and when you have been informed about such a transfer), the data may be transferred to our partners.

We must transfer your personal data to the national supervisory authorities on the grounds and in the cases provided for by applicable laws.

With the exceptions listed below, we process your personal data in the European Union. We do not currently intend to transfer your personal data to third countries.

Please note that certain data about your visit to the Website or data generated by your visit to our Website (such as IP address, location, cookies, settings and information of the browser or device you are using, browsing date, time, duration, other browser and device activity) and site navigation) may be processed, transmitted or made available to entities operating both within and outside the European Economic Area (EEA) for monitoring, statistics, employment, analysis, functionality and related purposes. using Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and similar services, functionalities, or products, such processors or recipients are companies located in the United States or other non-EEA countries).

Please note that personal data may be less protected in non-EEA countries than in EEA countries. We closely monitor the evolving case law and guidelines of the Court of Justice of the European Union and data protection supervisors on the transfer of data outside the EEA, and carefully assess the conditions under which such your data is transferred and may be further processed and stored after transfer to the above entities. To ensure the appropriate level of data security and to guarantee the lawful transfer of data, we conclude Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission or follow other terms and conditions established by the GDPR.

Your personal data may only be provided to other data recipients on the grounds specified by the applicable laws.


Retention of your personal data for longer than specified above may take place when:

  • It is necessary for the Fund to be able to defend itself against legal actions, claims or complaints and to exercise our rights;
  • There are reasonable suspicions of an illegal activity being investigated;
  • Your data is necessary for the proper resolution of a dispute or complaint;
  • Backups and other purposes related to the operation and maintenance of information systems or similar;
  • In other cases provided by law.

To the extent and under the conditions laid down by the law applicable to your personal data, you have the following rights:

  • Get acquainted with your personal data and how they are processed;
  • Require the correction of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete data;
  • Require the deletion of your personal data or restrict the processing of your personal data when personal data are processed in breach of legal requirements or when there is another legal basis;
  • Require the transfer of your personal data to another data controller or provide it directly in a form convenient to you (applies to personal data provided by you and processed by automated means on the basis of a contract or consent);
  • The right to object to the processing of your personal data if it is processed on the basis of a legitimate interest, unless there are legitimate reasons for such processing or to make, enforce or defend legal claims;
  • The right to withdraw consent at any time if your personal data is processed based on consent.

In cases when you think that your personal data is being processed illegally or your rights related to data processing are being violated, you have the right to contact the State Data Protection Inspectorate (for more information, visit www.vdai.lrv.lt) and submit a complaint.

The Fund recommends contacting us by e-mail before making a formal complaint via e-mail vjgfondas@gmail.com to find a suitable solution to the problem.

How to exercise your rights?

In order to exercise your rights listed above, you must submit a completed application to the Fund in person, by post, through a representative or by electronic means. The request must be legible, signed, include your name, place of residence, contact details and information on why, what rights and to what extent you want to exercise, and how you want to get a response.

The Fund has the right to verify the identity of the applicant when executing your request. At the request of the Fund, if the application is submitted directly, you must provide an identity document to the Fund's employee responsible for reviewing your request. If the application is submitted by post, a copy of the identity document certified in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts must be submitted together with the application.

Upon receipt of your application and successful verification of your identity, the Fund will provide you with information on the action taken on your application no later than one month after receiving your application and completing the verification procedure. Depending on the complexity and number of applications, the Fund reserves the right to extend the one-month period by a further two months, notifying you no later than one month after receiving and verifying your application and stating the reasons for such extension.

In exercising your rights in relation to personal data, the Fund:

  • has the right to ask you to specify the submitted application;
  • provides you with information to the extent necessary to ensure that the rights of others are not violated if certain information about you relates to others.

The Fund has the right to refuse to comply with your request on the grounds and (or) circumstances established by law and will inform you in writing, giving the reasons for such refusal.


If you have any questions regarding the Policy or have any requests regarding the processing of your personal data, you may contact us at:

Phone: +370 699 91155

El. by mail: vjgfondas@gmail.com


The Fund may update the Policy at any time. The Fund will announce updates by posting a new version of the Policy on the Website with the date of the most recent change. You understand that by continuing to use this website after the Policy has been updated, you agree to the changes made.

If any provision of the Policy is held to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision will not affect the legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Policy.

The Policy is applicable upon its publication on the Fund’s Website.