About us

Vision and mission

The history of the Vilnius Jesuit High School dates back to the 16th century, when "Collegium Vilnense Societati Jesu" was founded on the premises of the current high school. Ten years later, this college was transformed into Vilnius University, which has since its foundation become Lithuania's most important educational hub. The Jesuits educated young people all over the country, shaping not only the trends of Vilnius society but also Lithuania's political and economic trends. Although the school was closed during the Tsarist Russia, Polish and Soviet occupations because of its Christian roots, after the Jesuit Order regained the school premises when Lithuania gained independence in 1994, the revival of the Vilnius Jesuit Gymnasium began.

Even in the difficult early years of independence, there were people who were determined to help the Vilnius Jesuit High School. Help came in many forms: some contributed with their knowledge, others with their work, and others financially - each of them helped because they believed in the goal of our school - to educate thoughtful and independent people. The High School welcomed its first students during a difficult period - many of the premises for teaching were not yet adequately prepared, and there was a constant shortage of personnel and funding for the school's further revival. This time of hardship shaped Vilnius Jesuit High School's axiom - forming a new generation of leaders.

Over the years, the high school was born anew with more than 800 students, the formation of high school, gymnasium, primary classes, the most-qualified teachers, and the diligent young people sitting on the school's benches. Every community member's obligation to contribute to the common good has created strong self-government. The school's governance is actively guided by a students' parliament and a parents' committee, ensuring that the interests of the whole community are represented. This process has ensured that the high school has been running successfully for twenty-five years and ensures that students leave the gymnasium not only with a high level of academic education but also with a strong foundation of values.  

While Vilnius Jesuit High School has grown into a leader in Lithuania's education over almost thirty years, the community is advancing into the future, with the completion in 2020 of the Educational Media Centre, "Lojoteka," which provides students and teachers with access to the latest media and computer technologies. The first primary school classrooms also opened a few years ago. Our community works daily to ensure that Vilnius Jesuit High School provides the best possible educational conditions.

The most recent project of the high school, initiated by the students themselves, is the Vilnius Jesuit High School Endowment. This endowment would provide additional stability for the school, a long-term strategy, and a more ambitious view of the future. Just as an oak tree grows from every acorn, every euro donated and properly invested will give rise to a new generation celebrating the school, Vilnius, and Lithuania.

Our mission

Our mission is to ensure the national competitiveness and financial stability of Vilnius Jesuit High School as one of the best schools in Lithuania by effectively managing its investments and returns.

Our vision

The vision is to manage the endowment capital and use the returns to support the Vilnius Jesuit High School, contributing to the school's scientific foundation and human resources. It will also finance the improvement of teachers' qualifications, students' scholarships, the introduction of the latest computer and educational technologies into the educational process, and encourage public support and initiatives contributing to the well-being of the Vilnius Jesuit High School.

How does the endowment work?

Endowment capital
Up to 50% of the returns are reinvested


I Stage - from 150 000 Eur Financial education
Every active Vilnius Jesuit High School student will have the opportunity to learn everything from A to Z about investing and economics using lectures, discussions and guest appearances.
II Stage - from 400 000 Eur Upgrading and enhancing technologies
Smartboards in every classroom, updated IT equipment, and training for every teacher to make the most out of these technologies.
III Stage - from 600 000 Eur Infrastructure
Upgrading the school's laboratory and additional investments in science facilities will ensure that students have every opportunity for self-development.
I Stage - from 150 000 Eur Scholarships for students
Scholarships are given to motivate the most talented students at Vilnius Jesuit High School.
II Stage - from 400 000 Eur New teaching methodologies
We foster the continuous development of the school's teachers by providing them with opportunities to participate in the most prestigious foreign conferences for teachers.
III Stage - from 600 000 Eur Attraction of teachers
We are growing the future of Lithuania by investing in attracting the best Lithuanian educators to Vilnius Jesuit High School and further motivating them.