Vilnius Jesuit High School Endowment

The future is in your hands

Our mission is to ensure the national competitiveness and financial stability of Vilnius Jesuit High School as one of the strongest schools in Lithuania by effectively managing its investments and returns.

Our goal

Investing the endowment capital and using the returns to support the Vilnius Jesuit High School and to contribute to the school's wellness, scientific foundation, and human resources. The returns will also finance the improvement of teachers' qualifications, students' scholarships, the introduction of the latest computer and educational technologies into the educational process, as well as the promotion of the support and initiative from the public contributing to the well-being of the Vilnius Jesuit High School.

Our goal

1000000 Eur

Collected: 250000 Eur 1000000 Eur

Our mission

How does the endowment operate?

Endowment capital
Up to 50% of the returns are reinvested


I Stage - from 150 000 Eur Financial education
Every active Vilnius Jesuit High School student will have the opportunity to learn the basics of personal finance management and investing.
II Stage - from 400 000 Eur Upgrading and enhancing technologies
Smartboards in every classroom, updated IT equipment, and training for every teacher to make the most out of these technologies.
III Stage - from 600 000 Eur Infrastructure
Upgrading the school's laboratory and additional investments in science facilities will ensure that students have every opportunity for self-development.
I Stage - from 150 000 Eur Scholarships for students
Scholarships are given to motivate the most talented students at Vilnius Jesuit High School.
II Stage - from 400 000 Eur New teaching methodologies
We foster the continuous development of the school's teachers by providing them with opportunities to participate in the most prestigious foreign conferences for teachers.
III Stage - from 600 000 Eur Attraction of teachers
We are growing the future of Lithuania by investing in attracting the best Lithuanian educators to Vilnius Jesuit Gymnasium and further motivating them.